Welcome to our online warranty registration system. By registering your purchase of RWA products, or any other product that RWA exclusively distributes in your country, you will be protected by our warranty program for greater peace of mind.

Please select from below whether you are trying to register an RWA product, or an exclusive brand that we distribute.

Worldwide Warranty

Hong Kong Market Warranty

Terms of Warranty Service

Our warranty service covers you against any factory defects in materials or workmanship. In submitting your warranty claim, please contact warranty@rwa-group.com and be ready to submit your purchase receipt proving the place of purchase, and also the RWA Official sticker with serial number.

Our warranty does not include damage such as scratches and dents that arise from normal use. Damage caused by disassembly and modifications, or attempts to upgrade the product, will also void the warranty.

If your airsoft gun malfunctions, do not attempt to disassemble and repair yourself since doing so can void your warranty. Please contact us and we will be happy to inspect your purchase and repair it accordingly.

If the malfunction is due to faulty parts of workmanship, repairs will be conducted by RWA free of charge.

If the malfunction is caused by the user during normal use, RWA will inform you that the damage is not covered under warranty but you can still choose to pay for parts and labor and we will repair the gun for you.

All decisions made by RWA are final.

Holosun worldwide warranty is provided by Holosun. RWA does not provide repairs on Holosun products if they are found to be faulty. The decision on whether a Holosun product is covered by their warranty will be decided on by Holosun. RWA is the exclusive distributor for Holosun in Hong Kong and all decisions regarding warranty by Holosun are final.

RWA brand products are covered by a 3 month warranty against defects.